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njaynem   in reply to Roseb441702   on

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

It’s an effort to clear the tears long enough to see what I'm typing... Harder still to fight back the monsters in my head to coherently compose this desperate plea for help...
Last December 3 vicious dogs broke into my back yard killing my beloved pet poodle and maiming another. During the struggle I had the end of my right hand middle finger bit off. The owner of the dogs was a renter and had no assets the “free” injury attorney could go after. So I incurred all the medical debts. Because of the injury I lost my job and am not able to return to my previous field or really any employable venue. Because I could not afford complete medical care and recommended physical therapy, my finger is now permanently damaged and incapable of normal usage which has caused massive obstacles to employment possibilities.
My mother had moved in with me because of her health problems the year before so we survived on her monthly social security. She passed away July 7th… A week later while trying to put stuff out for a garage sale to hopefully generate enough money to pay my utility bills I was nearly crushed by 24 sheets of 4’ x 8’ x ½” decking. My left knee suffered a 100% tear of my acl, cleaved my meniscus, fractured my tibia plateau and other associated damages. I have gone to two ER’s, a low cost clinic, and had to have an MRI. For all of which I now owe tens of thousands of dollars… Because I am uninsured, unemployed and penniless my only hope for needed surgery on my knee is to be placed on a waiting list for charity cases. I am so scared my acceptance will come too late and my knee will improperly heal (life my finger has) and leave me crippled.
Prior to the last tragedy I had began the near impossible task of applying for social security disability. Listing my finger as main cause but also honestly included my noticeable server depression. I have seen three professional therapists (two at the clinic and one in the physiatrists office, a physiatrist, and my primary care physician at the clinic. All have agreed I need help and my doctor has given me two prescriptions for anit-depression medication. But I don’t have the money to get them filled, nor the money to continue therapy. I don’t even have the money for toilet paper…
I have called and applied to DHS, but have been denied because I don’t have an underage child. I have been given food stamps but that will not pay my monthly utilities or existing/future medical bills. I am so scared and worried I sometimes want to just quit…breathing. My “family” has done all they can by covering my mother’s funeral costs (for which I agreed to pay the monthly credit card bill used – which I can’t) My only asset is my home but I have nowhere to go or any way to pay rent. My only child died 14 years ago and with mom gone now, I am left totally alone.
Please if anyone can tell me what to do I would be forever grateful. Please hurry because I won’t have internet access much longer (internet service on cutoff notice and selling my computer is pending). Thank you, -
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Talk to njaynem